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Doctoral Certificate Program in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology


TomCech.jpgDear IQ Biology Applicants,

Four years ago, I established the Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology (IQ Biology program) because we are at the beginning of a new golden age for bioscience. New technologies have produced mountains of biological data. Navigating these mountains for meaning demands a new kind of scientist. One who is comfortable with mathematical and computational analysis. One who can think fearlessly and work with experts from a wide range of disciplines.  At the University of Colorado BioFrontiers Institute, you can become this kind of scientist.

As an IQ Biology student, you will gain access to world-class facilities, educators, and researchers.  We are dedicated to your development as an independent scholar, adept researcher, and skillful professional who can transform the seemly endless amounts of data into knowledge and real-world solutions. While in our program, you will meet some of the world's leading scientists, gain exposure to industry and entrepreneurship and prepare yourself for a fruitful career.  I hope you will consider joining us in the IQ Biology program.



Thomas Cech, PhD
Director, BioFrontiers Institute
Director, IQ Biology
University of Colorado Boulder




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