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Doctoral Certificate Program in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology


TomCech.jpgDear IQ Biology Applicants,

When I started my research lab at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1978, I enjoyed the research environment and the opportunity to teach. I also fell in love with the lifestyle in our state—the great weather, the beautiful scenery and the endless outdoor activities make Colorado great. Starting in 2000, I spent a decade as president of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, an organization that empowers and embraces interdisciplinary research. I oversaw the creation of the Janelia Research Campus in Virginia as a way to bring computational biologists, physicists, and biologists together to solve big problems in neuroscience.

When I returned to CU in 2009, I wanted to take the Janelia experience and apply it to an academic environment, especially for students. We removed the physical separations between disciplines, putting collaborators in shared labs. We also broke down many of the internal barriers that make it difficult for students who want to develop interdisciplinary skills.

One result was the IQ Biology Doctoral Certificate Program, which is specifically designed to support students who have a vision for their research and education and the flexibility to grow beyond the boundaries that define academic disciplines. By enrolling in an interdisciplinary program before joining a department, our students explore biology much more broadly than they would in a traditional graduate program. 

If you have the confidence to create your own path and the desire to pursue research that is unscripted, IQ Biology is the program for you. I hope you will contact us to find out more.


Tom Cech, PhD
Director, BioFrontiers Institute
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry


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