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Interdisciplinary Science PhD - Faculty - IQ Biology

At the heart of our institute is an outstanding team of scientists and engineers who are committed to interdisciplinary research and education to help guide your Interdisciplinary Science PhD.

Our faculty continues to grow as we recruit new scientists who are working across academic boundaries in many different disciplines. Among our IQ Biology faculty we have:

  • A Nobel Laureate
  • Four Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators
  • Three recipients of National Academies Keck Futures Initiative grants
  • Five Howard Hughes Medical Institute scientists
  • Seven National Science Foundation CAREER awardees
  • A Marsico Endowed Chair of Excellence recipient
  • Members of the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Academy of Engineering


There are over 50 core faculty members of IQ Biology. In addition, over two hundred other faculty members associated with Biofrontiers or one of our nine participating departments are eligible to accept IQ Biology students for laboratory rotations and thesis research.

The following are members of the IQ Biology faculty:


** Faculty indicated as “BioFrontiers Institute” are BioFrontiers Institute core faculty, but many of the other faculty listed here are also affiliated with the BioFrontiers Institute.


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