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Mathematical Biology PhD - IQ Biology

IQ Biology students may choose to pursue research leading to a mathematical biology PhD. 

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  • The Lladser Lab (Applied Math) is using Poissonization techniques to construct and test hypotheses regarding the chirality preference for RNA amino acid binding. This research has led to several discoveries addressing important biological questions such as the evolution of complex RNA structures from short and functional RNAs, and has also led to several mathematical discoveries.
  • The Bortz Lab (Applied Math) and collaborators study the within-host systems biology of infectious diseases as well as the biomechanical properties of suspended and surface-adherent bacterial communities using information-theoretic model selection theory, experimental design, and nonlinear rheology.
  • The Melbourne Lab (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) studies stochastic processes in ecology and evolution by developing mathematical models and connecting these models to data using likelihood and Bayesian approaches.
  • The Clauset Lab (Computer Science) and collaborators study macroevolutionary patterns in biological species, develop mathematical and statistical explanations, and test these models directly with empirical data using state-of-the-art likelihood and Bayesian approaches.
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