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Current CU Boulder PhD Student Applicants

IQ Biology is currently accepting applications for its next class of students, including applications from current CU Boulder PhD students.

Information for Current CU Boulder PhD Student Applicants:

  • Students usually are pursuing a PhD from one of our participating partner departments: Applied Mathematics, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Geological Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, MCDB, and Physics.
  • Students will be expected to take the IQ Biology core coursework (~12 credits).
  • Students who have taken coursework similar to the IQ Biology core courses may petition to have those courses count toward the IQ Biology certificate. These courses would need to cover similar subjects and include projects where students worked in interdisciplinary teams (these features may or may not be in the same course).
  • Students will also be expected to complete the other IQ Biology requirements: a single 'gap-filling' course (~3 credits), participation in seminars, symposium, mentoring, etc. See website for a description of the curriculum.
  • Both the student’s advisor and the Graduate Committee of the student’s degree-granting program of study will need to agree on a training program for the student that is similar to the agreement for new students between IQ Biology and that degree program (with modifications as necessary), so that the student is not overly delayed.

How Current CU Boulder PhD Students Can Apply:

Step 1: First talk with a member of the IQ Biology faculty and your advisor to draft a plan of how your current training plan could fit within the IQ Biology requirements. This should also be approved by your degree program’s Graduate Committee.  An outline of this plan should be included as part of the letter of support from your advisor.

Step 2: Fill out the IQ Biology survey online. You will need to first register for an account. You should not fill out any of the supplementary information requested, nor should you fill out a CU Graduate School Application.

Step 3: Send your application directly to  including:

  • a letter of support from your advisor,
  • unofficial transcripts,
  • a personal statement indicating why you would like to be involved,
  • a CV,
  • and (optional) a petition for counting courses you have previously taken toward the IQ Biology requirements, including an explanation of why they should count.

Deadline for receiving applications is January 5, 2018.

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