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IQ Biology Core Courses

Three interdisciplinary courses have been developed to provide IQ Biology and other graduate students with a deeper knowledge of mathematical and computational approaches to solving bioscience and bioengineering problems. All IQ Biology students will take these core courses together in their first year. Students also receive academic credit for their research rotations.

During the first semester our core course teaches you the core competences in bioscience and mathematical/computational sciences. The course consists of a 3-credit lecture class and a 1-credit practicum.

During the second semester, you will take two project-based courses that tackle several biologically motivated problems, using multiple quantitative platforms while working in interdisciplinary teams.

"Bioinformatics and Genomics" OR "Mathematical and Computational Biology"  (3 credits)
"Cells, Molecules and Tissues, a Biophysical Approach" OR "Biophysics" (3 credits)

In addition to these  courses, students will take in the fall and spring semesters a 3 credit IQ Biology Research Rotation (for a total of 6 research rotation credits) advised by BioFrontiers faculty Hubert Yin. In the fall, students will also take one gap-filling course. In the spring, the gap filling course is optional.
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