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With such a diverse set of interdisciplinary courses, we expect that students might want to brush up on areas that might be unfamiliar to them. We have put together lists of self-study aids available for the topics discussed in our core courses, and also a list of common prerequisite courses and their websites.

The IQ Biology PhD Program provides tutors who help provide additional support to students as needed. IQ Biology tutors are available in the areas of Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics and are able to assist students to gain knowledge important to the IQ Biology core courses, gap‐filling courses and their research.

Articles of interest:

"The importance of stupidity in scientific research" by Martin A. Schwartz.

Student comment: I think it's safe to assume that, given the amount of material we've covered this semester, everyone has felt at least a little stupid at some point or another. Personally, I was feeling particularly dumb after the biochem material, and this article picked up my spirits.

"'Antedisciplinary' Science" by Sean R. Eddy.

This is an interesting commentary about conducting interdisciplinary science and becoming an "antedisciplinary" scientist.

"A memo to graduate students and postdocs" by Anonymous.

The anonymous author sheds some light on the tough love that advisors often impart on graduate students.

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