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Idea Exhange Schedule - Fall 2014


Idea Exchanges are held twice a week and are an opportunity for students and faculty to work on team projects, talk about research topics and ideas, hold workshops, and learn about new discoveries in quantitative biology. The agenda and format will vary from week to week. For the fall 2014 semester, all first year IQ Biology Students are asked to attend sessions held every week on Tuesdays from 12 – 1 pm and Thursdays  from 12‐1pm in room A226 of the Caruthers Biotechnology Building. The exceptions are for research rotation presentations when all students meet from 12‐2 pm, and the second Tuesday of the month when all IQ Biology students will meet the BioFrontiers Seminar speaker from either 12‐1 pm or 1‐2 pm.


Idea Exchange Dates - Fall 2014

2-Sept-14             Andrea Stith - IQ Biology Program Discussion

9-Sep-14             Manuel Lladser--Applied Mathematics

16-Sept-14           Emilia Costales - Scientific Writing

23-Sep-14            Bob Levin - Work and Life Case Studies

30-Sep-14            Dr. Sabrina Spencer--Biochemistry and Daniel Higgs - Crowd Funding and other funding


07-Oct-14          Dr. Xuedong Liu--Biochemistry and Dr. Dan Larremore--Computer Science, Clauset Lab

14-Oct -4           Dr. Zhongping Tan--Biochemistry and Dr. Brian McCabe--Cambridge University  

21-Oct-14         Dr. Katerina Kechris -- Anschutz Medical Campus and Dr. Kristi Anseth--Chem/Bio Engineering

28-Oct-14         Dr. Robin Dowell--MCDB and Dr. Loren Hough- Physics

4-Nov-14          Dr. Ryan Gill-Chem/Bio Engineering, FORGE Project


11-Nov-14        TBD

18-Nov-14        Dr. Amy Palmer-Biochemistry

25-Nov-14     Fall Break - Happy Thanksgiving!          

2-Dec-14         TBD




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