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Travel Awards

Guidelines for IQ Biology Conference/Travel Funds Application



1)    Only current IQ Biology students may apply.

2)    The student MUST complete one of the following:

  1. Attend a conference outside their primary discipline
  2. Present research done outside of the primary discipline of the conference
  3. Attend an interdisciplinary conference, or
  4. Visit another PI’s lab with the goal of interdisciplinary study.

3)    A presentation must be made (poster or talk accepted at conference, talk to lab/department at visiting institution).

4)    Upon return a 250-500 word blog-post must be written for publication on the BioFrontiers Website.

5)    The application must be submitted to at least one month prior to date of travel. Additionally, applicants must allow one month for the applications to be reviewed and for funding decisions to be made. Not all applications will necessarily be accepted.


Award Description:

1)    Funds can be distributed in any year, but students may receive funds only once during their graduate studies.

2)    Funds can be used to cover the cost of travel, food, materials, or registration fees.

3)    Travel expenses, food, and non-alcoholic beverages will be reimbursed up to $1000. Receipts must be submitted along with a form for reimbursement.

In some instances, the presentation requirement may be waived. Please see the application or contact IQ Biology staff for details.

Find these guidelines and the application for a travel award here


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