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Participating Degree Programs

IQ Biology is an interdisciplinary certificate program that allows you to explore coursework and research across academic departments before deciding which PhD degree program works best for you.

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When applying to the IQ Biology program, you will be asked to select three possible PhD programs, in addition to your interdisciplinary certificate in IQ Biology. Your application will be evaluated within these degree programs as you apply to IQ Biology, so that you are already “pre-approved” to enter these programs after your first year.

This gives you a greater range of flexibility to build your educational program. At the end of your first year with the IQ Biology program, you will choose a final PhD degree program. IQ Biology students have modified requirements for these degree programs so your graduation is not significantly delayed. For more information on these requirements please see our Graduate Handbook.

You can choose from the following participating PhD programs:

*If you are interested in Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, please contact IQ Biology directly at

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