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IQ Biology was designed to be a hub of activity, connecting you to the people and resources you need to create your future.


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In addition to excellent teaching faculty and a structure that crosses academic silos, IQ Biology also focuses on helping you develop professionally.

Internships are an important opportunity to build your base of experience and professional network. From research internships in biotech companies or national labs to business internships in marketing or business development departments, to curriculum development for those who would like to teach, IQ Biology offers many ways to customize your experience.

For example, Cochlear Americas, a local biotech company that produces hearing devices for the completely deaf, offers IQ Biology students internship opportunities in Research & Development, as well as cross-training in Marketing or Business Development departments. For students interested in industry, these internships will provide you with a rich experience in the business and entrepreneurial side of biotech.

Over seventeen companies have expressed an interest in receiving internship applications from IQ Biology students, and we can help you apply to many others.





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