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IQ Biology FAQs

Q.  You say we can apply to 3 graduate programs.  Do I need to complete 3 applications on the CU Boulder Graduate School website?

A. Only one application is needed (pay only one fee $50 domestic, $70 International).  Please indicate on the IQ Biology Survey up to 3 departments of interest. You are not required to indicate 3 programs of interest however we strongly encourage you to indicate at least 2.

Q. Why do we need to send 2 copies of our official transcripts?

A. We keep one copy for IQ Biology and send the other to the graduate admissions office to be added to your official application record.  By sending it directly to us it speeds up the review process for the IQ Biology Admission Committee.

Q. Is there a minimum GRE or TOEFL score to be competitive for IQ Biology?

A. IQ Biology has not established minimum GRE scores in order to be considered for the program.  However, we do take the requirements of the participating departments into consideration when reviewing applications. Please review the admissions guidelines and criteria for the departments that interest you.  Regarding TOEFL scores, we follow the guidelines set by the graduate school. Students should score 75 or higher in order to be considered for admission.

Q. What if I am not accepted by IQ Biology?

A.  If we are not able to offer you admission through IQ Biology Program,please let us know if you remain interested in pursuing admission to CU Boulder through the departmental process.  We will then inform the departments of your interest.

Q. How does IQ Biology minimize time to degree?

A. The program requirements are distinct from those stipulated by doctoral degree programs; however formal agreements minimize time to degree. This gives you a greater range of flexibility to build your educational program. At the end of your first year with the IQ Biology program, you will choose a final PhD degree program. IQ Biology students have modified requirements for these degree programs so your graduation is not significantly delayed.

Q. What faculty can I work with?  Can I only consider research faculty who are participating in the IQ Biology Program?

A. Each IQ Biology student will complete 3 rotations in their first year in the program.  Students may select a participating IQ Biology faculty member or another faculty in any of the sciences and even faculty on another CU campus.  After you complete your first year rotations, you have the opportunity to select a faculty that you would like to work with.  We do our very best to help you join the lab of your choice, even if the faculty member is not participating in the IQ Biology program.

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