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Biological Engineering PhD - Bioengineering - IQ Biology

IQ Biolgy students may choose to pursue research leading to a biological engineering PhD.

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  • The Anseth (Chemical and Biological Engineering) and Leinwand (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology) Labs collaborate to study gene expression patterns in heart valves cells to better understand disease progression and develop biomaterial strategies for its reversal.
  • The Bowman Lab (Chemical and Biological Engineering) collaborates with researchers at the medical school and other faculty to exploit fundamental polymerization reactions to amplify detection invents important in applications such as cancer detection and portable flu chips.
  • The Anseth (Chemical and Biological Engineering) and Ahn (Chemical Biology) Labs are collaborating to developing three-dimensional culture environments to better understand mechanisms of invasion in melanoma cancers and develop improved in vitro assay for drug screening.
  • The Bryant (CBEN) and Palmer (ChemBio) Labs collaborate to define and to quantify calcium dynamics in a 3D model of chondrocytes in response to mechanical stimulation.
  • The Bryant (Chemical and Biological Engineering) Lab is engineering new materials that are capable of capturing some of the complexities of 3-D tissues with a particular emphasis on tissues that are subjected to mechanical forces, like knee and hip joints.
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