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Computational Biology

One of IQ Biology’s research areas involves incorporating computer science into biology. Below are examples of current research in areas relevant to computational PhD for you to participate.

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For students interested in areas related to a computational biology PhD, the following faculty may be of particular interest.

  • The Dowell Lab (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology) and collaborators use machine learning techniques to tease out patterns from large diverse datasets and to construct probabilistic models to explain sequence variation observed over evolutionary time.
  • The Goldberg Lab (Computer Science) and collaborators have enhanced flow cytometry analysis using bi-clustering algorithms originally developed for microarray data analysis.
  • The Clauset Lab (Computer Science) develops novel computational techniques, combining methods from machine learning, statistics, physics and computer science, for analyzing the structure and function of molecular interaction networks at the level of entire organisms.
  • The Goldberg Lab (Computer Science) and Yin Lab (Chemical and Biological Engineering) are collaborating on computational protein design using graph-theory and non-graph-theory-based methods, as well as machine learning techniques, to develop a tractable algorithm to include backbone flexibility.


Additionally, students with an interest in computational biology PhD study, may consider doing research in partner laboratories at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

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